ACME Silver Plated Metropolitan Whistle

Acme Silver Plated Metropolitan Whistle 

This ACME Metropolitan whistle is the original Police Whistle, known as the Wilderness Whistle.  It iss loud and clear, a truly commanding product, excellent for general signaling and loved by many who want an unusual and distinctive call. The sound of authority for over 140 years.

Acme Whistles, originally J Hudson & Co, is the world's largest and most famous producer of whistles. In 1883, the company developed the original police whistle which was such a success, a year later it launched the Acme Thunderer, the first sports whistle, as a "new way to talk to players". Since then, the organization has produced many innovative whistles including the whistle for the Titanic, a D-Day landing whistle, various dog whistles, the world's first waterproof lifesaving whistle, finger-grip whistles, and the world's loudest whistle to name a few. Today, Acme Whistles is known as the most reputable whistle company in the world.


  • Solid brass
  • Silver plated
  • Loud
  • Clear
  • Packaged in a Satin lined Presentation Box

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