ACME Silver Plated Thunderer 58.5 Rugby Whistle

Acme 58.5 Silver Plated Thunderer Whistle

The latest in high tech research and development goes into creating the Acme Thunderer 58.5 Whistle which has been the choice for the world's top referees and officials for over 130 years. This large, solid brass whistle is easy to grasp while refereeing or coaching and has a tapered mouthpiece to accommodate all sized users. There isn't a player on the pitch who won't hear the sound of this high power, medium pitch, deep toned whistle.

Acme Whistles, originally J Hudson & Co, is the world's largest and most famous producer of whistles.  In 1883, the company developed the original police whistle which was such a success, a year later it launched the Acme Thunderer, the first sports whistle, as a "new way to talk to players".  Since then, the organization has produced many innovative whistles including the whistle for the Titanic, a D-Day landing whistle, various dog whistles, the world's first waterproof lifesaving whistle, finger-grip whistles, and the world's loudest whistle to name a few.  Today, Acme Whistles is known as the most reputable whistle company in the world.


  • Solid brass
  • Silver Plated 
  • High power
  • Medium pitch
  • Deep tone
  • Tapered mouthpiece
  • Large Thunderer
  • Packaged in a Satin Lined Presentation Box

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