Gilbert 450 Precision Rugby Kicking Tee

Official Gilbert 450 Precision Rugby Kicking Tee

Constructed of molded rubber, this kicking tee withstands repetitive, powerful kicks, making it a great practice tool for players of all levels. The stable base helps keep the tee steady in various weather conditions and on uneven fields.  Four rubber prongs allow for more ball support and precise contact whether kicking for accuracy or distance.  

Rugby tees come in all heights, shapes, and sizes.  They lift the ball out of grassy, muddy fields so that players can strike the ball more firmly and accurately.  Lower tees are a bit more stable and allow for power kicks while higher tees are easier to learn off of. Therefore, field conditions, kicking style and personal preference determine the height of the tee you want to use.  See our video to learn more.


  • Molded rubber
  • Height:  4.5 cm / 45 mm / 1.771 inches 
  • Durable
  • Stable base 

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