Gilbert Revolution X Match Rugby Ball


Gilbert Revolution X Match Rugby Ball

(Discontinued...replaced with Kinetica)

This high quality Gilbert match ball is trusted by some of the biggest names in rugby. The patented Truflight bladder and valve inseam design provide ultimate balance and truer, longer flight. This size 5, four-panel ball is made of core-spun polyester and cotton laminate. It features a high-grade all-weather rubber surface. Match Balls are made with more natural rubber to provide a better grip, but the grip does not last as long as on the training balls that are made of more synthetic rubber. Additionally, match balls' inflation valves are placed in the seam to aid the flight of the ball and the kicking accuracy and consistency.


  • Match ball
  • Size 5
  • Four panels
  • Core spun polyester and cotton laminate
  • Truflight bladder and valve inseam
  • All weather rubber surface

Ball Care:

  • Inflate to 9.5 psi using a hand pump
  • Prior to training or match, use a soft cloth, light detergent and warm water to remove dirt and residue from your rugby ball. This ensures that the grip remains in prime condition for maximum length of time. 
  • Store in a dry environment  

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